Big Tent for planning wilderness trip

When planning your trip into the wilderness

Are you planning an adventure trip into the wilderness? It could be an adventurous journey or just a way to be far away from all the hustle bustle of city life! Planning your trip into the wilderness may be a great idea because you get to experience the gifts of nature! When planning your trip into the wilderness, you would need to keep certain tips in your mind. You have to be prepared for the exciting journey because you are going to be in an unfamiliar setting!

Here is a post for you to know more about what to carry when planning a trip into the wilderness. This post will help you to prepare yourself for the much-awaited trip!

You Need To Pack Some Extra ‘AQUA’

Water is a necessity! Since you are going into the wild, you may not get fresh water to drink. There may be a river or a lake but you cannot drink water from it. Pack more water than you would usually use! If there is too much sunlight, you may get dehydrated. In order to stay hydrated, you need extra water. What if you get lost? What if you have to stay over the night? You would need water to survive in the wilderness.

Something to Keep You Warm and Fuzzy

When planning a trip into the wilderness, you have to be prepared for the worse weather conditions. There is no guarantee that it will not rain or snow! You need to pack some woollens and a blanket to keep yourself warm at night. If you are thinking of camping in the wild, you may need a heavy blanket which keeps you warm. You would need socks as well!

Let there be LIGHT

It is going to be very dark in the night! There are no street lights or electricity in the wild. The animals are used to living the darkness but you will feel scared. In case you are lost in the wild or you plan to stay the night, you would need a torch or a flashlight. Carry some matchsticks in case you want to light a fire with some wood.

Always Inform Your Friends and Family

Whom do you trust the most? Some youngsters do not tell anyone about their adventurous trip and they never return. If somebody knows about your whereabouts, they can come and find you in case you get lost or something happens to you. It is advisable to tell your friends and family about your adventure trips! You do not want them to wonder where you suddenly disappeared!

Carry Dry Foods

You need food to survive! Killing animals may not be a favourable thing to do! Carry dry foods such as dry fruits, biscuits, snacks, etc. If you are lucky, you would find fresh fruits and vegetables in the wilderness. If you are near the sea, you can catch some seafood and cook it with the help of fire. However, you need to be prepared as there are chances that you may not get food. You have to be prepared!

Pack Hygiene Products and Toilet Paper

You may need medicines, hygiene products, and even toilet paper. There are no washrooms in the wilderness. You must carry a mosquito repellent because there are plenty of insects out there!

When planning your trip into the wilderness, you have to be prepared. Carry an emergency spray in case you come in contact with any thieves or criminals. You may need a knife to cut fruits or coconuts. It is best to carry a map with you! A compass would be a fabulous addition. In a nutshell, you have to be prepared! You are going deep into the forest where there is no advanced technology! Make sure you are prepared for the worse! Trust us when we say this, it is the most thrilling experience of life!

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