Monroyo is a municipality located in the Matarraña/Matarranya comarca, province of Teruel, Aragon, Spain. Monroyo is the highest municipality in the region, measuring 857 metres above sea level. Losing yourself in the streets of Monroyo can be an enriching experience taking you back in time. A must see is the town hall building. We also recommend the street Empedrada, the gate of Santo Domingo and the parochial church dedicated to Our Lady of Asunción. With a little luck you will hear the XIX century church organ, which was restored only a few years ago.

Monroyo, or Mont-Roig de Tastavins is located in the heart of the Matarraña region; a place that is still difficult to pin point on a map. The town itself, of scarcely 400 inhabitants, does not have the majestic feel of La Fresneda, Valderrobres, Beceite or Calaceite, the more well known towns in the area. It’s charm lies instead in the harmony of its natural landscapes, pine forests, almond and olive groves all of which are bathed in a light which has been captured by many an artist over the years.

The Matarraña, despite its captivating beauty, has not had it easy. It is situated on the border between Aragón and Cataluña. It is a bi-lingual land, an agricultural land with a difficult geographic make up. This geography has meant that people have lived on narrow twisting roads far from everywhere and still do in their majority today.

The amber stoned palaces, castles and churches hint at a past filled with knights templar, Jews, Moors, Christians, inquisitions and feudalism, which in many ways, has not entirely disappeared.

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