Let your way lead you to the Hotel Rex Rome

Rome is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in fact, a walk in any direction will lead to admire monuments, statues and much more. The funny thing is that Rome is actually better from the second visit onwards. In fact, having overcome the anxiety of seeing the main tourist attractions, a second visit allows a more careful choice and a greater possibility to fully enjoy the tourist attractions. The second holiday in Rome allows us to realize how this city has deep and direct roots with what is the beginning of human history up to the present day. And this aspect combines perfectly with the modernity to which the city projects itself in terms of style, fashion and culinary treasures. The Hotel Rex is a super comfortable hotel that pays homage to the rich history of Rome, as it progresses towards the future with its design, as well as rooms, culinary experience and services.

Hotel Rex is located in the heart of an area characterized by its ancient history; it was designed immediately after the Unification of Italy, within the borders of the Esquiline. The hotel is located in the middle of an area that counts several impressive monuments but above all it is located within a complex that extends around the central Via Nazionale. The history of the Hotel Rex dates back to the late nineteenth century, when Guido Sforza Cesarini, count of Santa Flora, bought land between the station and Santa Maria Maggiore. In 1882 a stable and a small two-storey villa were erected overlooking a magnificent garden. Donna Carolina Sforza, Countess of Santa Flora, lived for a few years in the small villa; a proof of this refined presence is the wonderful frescoed ceiling, dominated by a large “S”, the initial of the countess.

The architecture of the Hotel Rex reflects the style of the Roman buildings of the last century, characterized by light surfaces with elegantly framed windows and rusticated corners. The construction of the third floor and the realization of the road access, probably in line with the first ideas to transform the building into a hotel date back to 1928. In 1936 the building was taken over by Duke Giuseppe Fernandez De Velasco, who transformed it into the guesthouse of San Giacomo and entrusted it to Grazia and Franz Schmidi-Lardi, who chose the name Rex. Schmidt had already been director of prestigious hotels, such as the nearby Quirinale Hotel and the De Russie; he knew then what particular care he had to give to the exclusive clientele who arrived in the Capital to attend live shows in the nearby Opera House and those staying at the Rex for the occasion. In 1964 the hotel was taken over by Enzo Curti, who ordered the installation of the still existing vertical sign. Since 1986 is Mr. Pino Cau that manages the hotel, keeping intact the refined atmosphere of the forties, as regards the structure and furnishings, interpreting the spirit and style of the period.

Throughout the hotel is a celebration of Roman tradition in terms of style and charm with traditional communal areas, comfortable rooms and a relaxing cocktail bar. On the hotel’s terrace, guests can enjoy a wonderful view by taking coffee under the umbrellas. The rooms and suites of the hotel have traditional style in furnishing. The latter is minimalist and linear, so do not expect design and confusion. There are all the amenities you would expect from a city hotel with king-size beds and bathrooms with either a shower or a bath.

The beauty of Rome is that there is so much to see and do within a 30 minute radius of the city center. In fact, you do not have to look beyond the hotel door. Nearby you will find the Piazza della Repubblica, the Spanish Steps (picture on top) and the most romantic place in Rome, the Trevi Fountain and the famous La Dolce Vita scene. Needless to say, every visit to Rome requires a trip to the Colosseum and the Pantheon, which are only a 20 minute walk away. Nearby there are countless museums, theaters, galleries and luxury shops and jewelers. The city, the region and beyond are even closer to the city’s main railway terminal, Termini, which is just a few steps away.

In the end it is true that all roads lead to Rome; and let me also say for a good reason. During your next trip to Rome, you could let your way lead you to the Hotel Rex, a perfect choice for urban explorers, art and food lovers looking for the quintessential Roman vacation.

Hotel Rex
Via Torino, 149, Rome (Italy)
Phone: +39 06 482 4828
Fax: +39 06 488 2743

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