Hotel Manners

In The Hotel Room: The Right Manners You Must Have As A Hotel Guest

Observing hotel rules and guidelines is very important. Actually, some of them are common sense even when no one tells you to do so. It’s just that sometimes, hotel guests tend to think that it’s not their house, and it’s just a place they paid for to stay in for a certain period of time. Because of that kind of thinking, the tendency for some hotel guests is to disregard the right manners and proper etiquette. They might be just forgetting it unintentionally or just overwhelmed after finally veering away temporarily from all the work and stress to a peaceful vacation or staycation in a hotel. As a hotel guest, remember that there are right manners you must have. Here are four important reminders:

1 – Clean As You Stay and Go

Your hotel room will be your “house” for the certain period of time you’ve booked for it. Just like how you want your house to be, keep your hotel room tidy. Of course, there will be hotel staff who will surely be there to clean it, but never make that as an excuse. Come to think of it as well, those hotel housekeepers have a lot of other rooms and facilities to take care of and also clothes, towels and bathrobes to launder. Picking up trash on the floor will do you no harm, just as throwing into the trash bin all the used toilet papers you used inside the bathroom won’t. Besides, keeping your own hotel room clean is not for anyone else’s greater benefit but yours. You’ll be staying, sleeping and spending time there so clean it as you use it because it’s also for your health and hygiene above all.

2  – Use the Furnitures and Appliances with Care

You are paying for the hotel room, the services and even the eligibility to use facilities and to borrow equipments, but hey, hotel guest, you are not paying to buy all the properties of the hotel. Handle with care all the appliances such as televisions,lampshades and electric stoves. If you’re not sure how to handle or operate them, ask for assistance; don’t just assume their functions or else, you might break them or put your safety at risk. Make use of furnitures well such as sofas, couches and chairs. As much as possible, keep them neat. Be careful not to wreck them. You might be staying in the hotel with naughty kids. Keep an eye on them because they might rip, scratch or draw with permanent ink on furnitures. If you have a pet with you in the hotel room, make sure they don’t break appliances and bite on bed linens, pillows, sofas and curtains.

3 – Care for Your Neighbors

Just like how you do it in your own neighborhood, care for your fellow hotel guests. Other people also come for a vacation or a staycation. Just like you, it’s their time to relax and have fun. Do not make too much noise. If you’re going to use speakers to play music in your hotel room, the volume should not reach outside and the rooms beside you. You will disturb those who are sleeping or having a time of meditation and will distract those who are watching a movie or listening to music just like you.

4 – Leave the Hotel’s Stuff

The hotel provides necessary stuff that their guests need not to bring from home or buy from the grocery store anymore. They have toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos, conditioner, cotton swabs, toilet papers and others. Really, it’s very helpful to have them to lessen the baggages of hotel guests. There are stuff that belong to the hotel, and some are reusable that you should not put in your bag. Some of them are towels, plates, cups, pillows, figurines and bathrobes. They are the hotel’s properties and aren’t consumables that you can just bring home. If you really want or need to, properly address your concern to the front desk to know if you can buy it.

5 – Treat Hotel Staff with Respect.

Yes, you are the guest and the important person to be served, but that doesn’t give you the right to mistreat or abuse hotel staff and those who assist you to your hotel room or receive your requests. It’s really good to greet back hotel staff who politely greet you anywhere in the hotel. Make kind requests with kind words. Do nice follow ups for your requests. Give monetary tips to hotel staff who assist(s) you to your room and who grant your requests like extra blankets, extra pillows or extra services like guiding you to the roofdeck. Don’t forget to hand them a “thank you” for every favor you ask and receive.

Last Word

Do well in your hotel room as much as you do well at home. Being a hotel “GUEST” means that you are to be respected, treated special and to be pampered, but take a closer look. Being a “GUEST” also means you are not in your house, thus, you have to show respect, importance and the right manners to the place you’re temporarily staying in and to the people therein.  Remember that a luxurious hotel room is still just a room. It doesn’t entitle hotel guests to remove the right manners. Besides, a luxurious hotel room is such a waste without your right manners, darling.

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