I need to be in love with Marzamemi

As always, Sicily has surprised me once again for the beauty of its places, for the goodness of its food and for the friendliness of locals. I think I will never stop to continue to visit it, and if anything, one day I will be able to say I have visited it all, I think I will come back to do it again, again and again. Said that, this time I came back where I had already left a small piece of my heart, Marzamemi.

Marzamemi is without a doubt one of the Sicilian villages of which I have definitely fall in love. Its streets, its shops, its beautiful marina, its being old but at the same time in step with the times, anyway every time I go back to Marzamemi, I find it ever more beautiful and more magical. For those looking for an absolutely unique place to share with the partner, Marzamemi is perfect for you because it has a special atmosphere, simple, natural but at the same time romantic, a place that, even if the years pass, remains indistinctly spectacular. Marzamemi is located precisely in the Val di Noto, it could be an ideal day trip, coming from nearby Siracusa.

Where to stay

Donna Coraly is a secluded and serene boutique resort, in the grounds of the Grande family San Michele estate (there’s even a tiny private chapel). It’s run by Lucia Pascarelli, the granddaughter of  Mrs. Coraly. Donna Coraly has the qualities that make a stay here one of life’s memorable experiences. This aristocratic villa is not only an oasis of peace, beauty and authenticity but it is also a prove of importance of Sicily in the history of Italian Peninsula. Indeed it has an over 600-years-long, here on September 3rd, 1943 the Italian government signed the secret unconditional Armistice of Cassibile with the Allies. Donna Coraly provides five suites, all spacious and tastefully furnished with elegant 19th century antique furniture. Many of the items are part of Lucia’s family heritage since generations. The bright and friendly suites make you feel instantly at home. The mix of past and present will also pull you in its spell. Every suite features a walk-in closet, floors made from majolica-tiling, furniture from the 19th century and modern art. Hospitality, comfort and quality on a high level of, this is what distinguishes all suites as well as the entire property. A chef is on hand if you’re here for lunch or dinner (his feasts are well worth sampling).


Immediately I was struck by the lights, the noises, the colors of this beautiful fishing village that takes its name from two controversial origins: according to some it derives from the Arabic words Marza which means “port” and Memi which means “small”, while according to others it derives from the Arabic Marsà ‘al hamam, that means “bay of the tortors”, due to the abundance of these birds in spring. In any case, his name is Marzamemi and it is a place where every thought finds peace.


It is a very popular place for the famous “tonnara” that was implanted by the Arabs during their domination in Sicily. However, this place has a splendid square characterized by a magical atmosphere, a unique light at sunset, a continuous but peaceful and relaxed walks and a series of typical and charming bars that adorn, even more in detail, the light of the “white” stone that distinguishes the place.

Narrow Streets

Taking a pleasant walk you can see the houses of the fishermen, the homes of the locals, even if the inhabitants who live here are almost all from Siracusa. There are many narrow streets with colors that break a lot on the light stone that covers the whole village. In the evening you can decide whether to take a simple walk along the many stalls in the main street or have a drink in one of the many local bars.


In any case, the most beautiful point is the marina. Source of beauty, rich in history and life. The pearl of the village. A place where you can still see the fishermen who dock with their boats bringing fresh fish. A point where all thoughts are lawful, all thoughts can live and can take shape. A form that comes to life from the water, from the lights of the reflected sunset and from the light movement of the boats on the sea. Go there, you can dream like I did.

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