La Trainera Madrid

A classic seafood restaurant of Madrid

Founded in 1966, Madrid’s La Trainera is a classic seafood restaurant located in the middle of the Salamanca district. Using all of its own boats, fish farms and markets, the eatery serves customers food that is literally straight from the sea. The interior décor is very fisherman-minimalist, with ship helms and lifebuoys on the walls, which allows the fresh fish to take the spotlight. 

One dish that doesn’t need help stealing focus is Angulas (otherwise known as baby glass eels or elvers). If you haven’t had it before, you should know that the dish is considered a delicacy and is usually priced at around $200 (Euro 175,00) per kg. Angulas is a traditional Basque dish and while it can be imported to various stores, probably tastes way better sourced straight of the coast of Madrid. Mimicking spaghetti noodles in terms of size and shape, Angulas doesn’t hide what it is. In fact, when taking a bite you can look right into its teeny eyes, which may turn some off, but also acts as a challenge to others. I see you, little eel, and I bet you taste wonderful. 

The seasonal Angulas Aguinaga is priced at $ 71 (Euro 63,00) and the Delicias Hake with Angulas costs $51 (Euro 45,00). 

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