Freiburg: a city with a past but also with an eye to the future

Accompanied by the splendid setting of the Black Forest, a few kilometers from France, the tiny Freiburg, a city with a glorious past and with an eye to the future, fits into a landscape to be seen. It was an important industrial center as early as 1120, it reached its best time under the Habsburgs, who ruled it from 1415 to 1427. It was in 1457 that the University was founded, the first that accepted the inscriptions by female students over the years and even today, it is a focal center for international studies. Freiburg is currently an important industrial center, which preserves the characteristics of a historic city. It is the city of incentives: rich in theatrical performances, concerts and musical events. Perfect for the locals and the students who live here, about 30.000 out of 200.000 inhabitants, who follow the lessons here or continue their journey in the centers of excellence research.


What is striking about the city is undoubtedly the main square, the Münsterplatz, where you can admire the Gothic church, whose 116-meter tower dominates the city. On the same square, there’s the red-fronted building, the Kaufhaus, formerly used for storage of salt and wine, then used as a regional parliament of Baden. It is in this square that, during the Christmas period, the world-famous Christmas markets are held.

Freiburg, like other German cities, is surrounded by parks, so it is not uncommon to see people of all ages lying in the sun, cycling or walking for the center on foot. The vehicles work well and this allows you to enjoy the center in total tranquility. In recent years, the city has aspired to be a capital of green energy, given a great attention to the eco-sustainability of the structures and to the optimization of energy. This air of cleanness is breathed with full lungs turning through the streets.


Peculiarity of Freiburg is the famous channels, the Bächle, which run along the pedestrian streets of the center. Initially used for the sewage system, today they are the joy of children, who walk happily on barefoot, sit and play with water. And I assure you that this fun is not only of the children, because I have also walked barefoot through the city. There is a legend that tells that those who put their feet in these canals, will certainly return to the city. It happened to me, will it be true?

Its beauty is also for its geographical position, in fact the climate is often mild and sunny. The Black Forest in which it is immersed undoubtedly deserves a visit, that’s why I recommend renting a car. A visit to Baden Baden, Titisee, Triberg is worthwhile in the surrounding area, and from here you can easily reach France or Switzerland.

Finally, I actually talked about Freiburg because I could not wait to mention the playground that in my opinion is the most beautiful in Europe. For the delight of children, and not only, halfway between Freiburg and Strasbourg, in the small town of Rust, there’s the Europa Park. This park is divided in about 13 European countries, which, in addition to containing attractions (in total the park has about 100), reports the lifestyle of the reference nation. For example in Switzerland you find houses with balconies full of flowers, chocolate shops and wooden structures, then moving to Italy you find colors, pizza and pasta absolute protagonists or passing through Russia, with the imposing EuroMir, the Mir space station adapted for roller coasters and so on. A real fun for all ages, from the little ones to the adults.

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