Dubrovnik: why not?!?

The pearl of the Adriatic (as Dubrovnik is called), was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1970. Tourism has recently picked up in Croatia’s capital city, thanks largely to the popular TV series Game of Thrones, some parts of which have been shot in Dubrovnik. Here are some of the best ways to soak in everything that this gorgeous seaside city has to offer and at the end the video by cn-photography who made such an awesome timelapse about the amazing Dubrovnik:

Spot your Favourite Beach

The city beach is very popular and has activities such as jet skis and inflatables available for kids. However, there is a quieter option a little farther away. Beyond the quiet, leafy streets of Vlaha Bukovca is Sveti Jakov, a favourite among locals. The beach, which is partially strewn with pebbles, provides the most beautiful views of the Old Town. In the evening, there are even bars and restaurants along the beachside where you can hang out with friends.

Eat a Meal at Nautika

Nautika is the snazziest restaruant in town, widely popular with many high-profile visitors to Dubrovnik. Get ready for a formal evening complete with starched white linens and dinner on a terrace overlooking the city. There is even a sea-view table, which might just be the highlight of your holiday. Be sure to try the seafood, which is as fresh as you’ll ever taste it. Some of the must-try dishes are the cream of scampi soup with black truffles and the traditional lopud brodet.

Stroll Through the City Walls

Dubrovnik is a fortified city with walls that surround it from all sides. These walls, which were built in the Middle Ages, are still intact and are approximately 1.940 mt long. A walk along the walls is a good way to get an elevated perspective of the city. These walls, which were built to protect the city from invaders, are now popular with tourists. The walls also have ladders that lead into the waters, where you can now climb down and jump in for a quick dip in the Adriatic. However, this is recommended only for those with strong swimming skills.

Walk Through Old Town

Spend an afternoon walking through the market place in Old Town, which is a beautiful baroque square. Here, you will find the freshest fruits and vegetables as well as dried fruits. Saturday, however, is the day when the market comes alive, there are artisans selling cheese, Mediterranean spices, olives, saffron and other exotic delights that also make for excellent souvenirs. A quirky tradition in the market is that at noon, as the stalls wind up, an official comes with a bucket of corn kernels which are thrown to the pigeons waiting close by. This is a sight to behold, as hundreds of birds fill the sky.

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