Discovering Madrid from its downtown neighborhood

Madrid is an attractive capital city. It is a city with a thousand high points and sightseeing places, thus, it can be complicated to decide how to spend a time in this place while taking advantage of most of its amazing attractions. First clue is to decide which our priorities are. There’s no way of seeing and visiting everything Madrid has to offer. On top, its surroundings have astounding landscapes to admire. So, we can start by choosing. Are we doing a museum tour? Do we prefer visiting historical monuments? Are we doing a shopping visit? Do we look for exciting adventures or for walks in natural sceneries?

Funny part is, after having made a decision, we’re going to realize that the best idea for starting our Madrid visit, is taking as departure point its downtown area. Finding a nice accommodation in this neighborhood, whether it be an apartment in Madrid center or maybe a hotel room in a classy building is a great choice. It shows how much of a great transport network Madrid has and how easy it is to wander around this city if taking its center as a starting point.

Key points in favor of choosing a centric accommodation in Madrid are:

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

1) Public transport network. Never mind if you’re a sportive tourist that wants to go to Real Madrid’s matches at the “Santiago Bernabeu” stadium, or if you’re a culture lover that will make a museum checklist before your time in this city, you’ll discover Madrid’s subway and bus network flows almost magically from its downtown area. The “metro” network will be your best ally while discovering this city wonders.

Puerta de Alcalá

2) Sightseeing becomes easier. Madrid’s landmarks are worldwide known. The Puerta de Alcalá, the Museo del Prado, the Parque del Retiro…those are just a few of many amazing places that there are to enjoy about Madrid’s ancient and modern architecture. And it is not surprising that most of them are just a walk away from Madrid’s center district


3) Arriving, leaving and going to nearby places is easier from downtown. From communication between the airport and bus station to the proximity of hotels, restaurants and every other touristic facility, it simply gets easier to wander around Madrid if staying at downtown. Also, it’s easy to go to places like Segovia, Alcalá and Aranjuez when staying nearby Madrid’s transport facilities.

4) Variety of prices and offers. Magic of Madrid is that is not a city only for rich tourists. It offers a wide variety of accommodation and restauration. And all of them are present in its downtown area.

Parque El Retiro

5) Cultural offer. From book fairies to theaters and concert rooms, most of the cultural attractions of Madrid are nearby its downtown area. Best time to take advantage of this cultural bloom, is the spring-summer season, that starts with an authentic boom with the International Madrid Fair, a magnificent event that launches a calendar of outdoor cultural activities widely variated and fun.

Obviously, there are many other reasons for taking the center of Spain’s capital as the starting point of a holiday time (or even a middle term stay) in it. Also, if you’re not an absolute fan of an active neighborhood, you should try out a suburban accommodation. Madrid remains a jewel to cherish and discover. If you’ve already visited this city, you surely have a favorite spot!

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