Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa: pristine beauty for Instagram addicted

The 2 words, Ayia Napa, bring to mind images of pristine beauty, mainly in the heads of all those who have visited the area, even only once in their life. A place that could be described as a lovely surprise rich of several charming spots, Ayia Napa is definitely a photographer’s heaven. If you are planning to visit this area this summer, it would be nice to know in advance the best places where to make selfie that will boost your followers on Instagram, which will get a lots of likes on Facebook or that will envy you from friends and relatives! And it is for all this that I made a selection of the six most photographed places of Ayia Napa, not to be missed this summer!

Nissi Beach

Visiting Ayia Napa without taking a photo on Nissi beach is not something contemplated. The most popular place of Ayia Napa during the day offers beautiful views of the horizon, which takes on strange but fascinating colors when the sun rises and even larger when it sets. Between sunrise and sunset, crystal clear waters can work wonders for social network profiles, especially if you have a camera that can go underwater. As for the night, dance contests, bubble parties and many other events offer other great opportunities for memorable selfies.

Makronissos Beach

Secluded in a quiet area just off Ayia Napa, just 5 km away, this 350-meter-long, south-facing beach includes 3 enchanting bays, all dressed in a golden sand dress adorned with calm and turquoise waters. If we consider that the south-western part is included in a protected natural area, this says so much of the extraordinary natural charm of Makronissos and the prospects of being able to make beautiful photos to keep for your entire life.

Love Bridge

A few millennia ago, before the Parisienne built the famous “Love Bridge”, Ayia Napa had its Love Bridge, made of far better materials and the best mechanics, waves and winds of nature! Dominating a position of the Cape Greco known among the locals as “Pidalion”, this 100% natural stone bridge is a magnet for romantic couples, lovers and photography enthusiasts who love catching the sunrise or the red colors of the sunset through this prehistoric arch. Combined with sapphire waters that never tire of piercing its pillars, the Love Bridge is the ideal set for a true photographic inspiration.

Cape Greco

Cape Greco is a national forest park since 1993, an important recognition because it has allowed to protect its pristine natural beauty and therefore keep it intact. The great thing about this place is that every season is completely different to each other but equally fascinating, especially for photographers who love the mixture of green pine, the hundreds of shades of brown and even more, the blue colors of the sea. Extending for more than 380 hectares, Cape Greco is full of junipers, pines, various flowers and all sorts of rare plant species, especially during spring and summer.

Konnos Bay

Konnos Bay is one of the most renowned sites of Cyprus, which seduces locals and tourists with its breathtaking views, its clear and crystal waters, the picturesque bay and the sparkling blue waves. The pine hills above Konnos beach have often been a majestic setting for wedding photos.

Sea Caves

I close the list with the famous caves of Ayia Napa, which extend to the east, towards Cape Greco. The best thing about them is that you can actually go inside and take pictures from inside the cave, or capture its rocky coverings or the sea that tries for centuries to dig deeper into the mountain. Another beautiful place is the 10 meter high cliffs, frequented by divers and local fishermen. With the right camera, you can take snapshots by jumping off the cliff or entering underwater in the well-hidden secrets of a large cave. In fact, some of these caves extend up to 80 meters and, when the tide allows it, can be explored on foot or by swimming.

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