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Who We Are

The Hotel Specialist is a Online Travel & Accommodations Review Guide which promotes the hospitality and travel experiences with interesting features, actions and activites. At The Hotel Specialist, we strive to provide our readers with not only the best luxury experience but also insightful content on a wide range of trending topics. Founded in 2013 and with corporate headquarters in Siracusa (Italy), thehotelspecialist.it provides affluent consumers worldwide with engaging content ranging from luxury lifestyle to travel. The Hotel Specialist has a team of in-house writers, as well as an expansive network of contributors from around the world who are considered experts within the luxury market.

We provide content and reviews on some of the best accommodations, experiences and destinations around the world. Moreover we feature the best and significant experiences for Gourmet, Wines and Chefs, all in only one website. In combination we have created an hotels collection because The Hotel Specialist is also an independent, ‘invitation only’, collection of the most beloved hotels around the world. We have close to 210.000 page views for year and we can assist with generating you more bookings/exposure and consequently we help our members to increase the visibility of real value of each property and their direct bookings without any intermediary!

Our focus is on the that segment of the market which seeks only the high-end level, style, quality and service your property provides.

Since 2013 The Hotel Specialist used the business way of ‘By Invitation Only’ to become the ultimate travel & hotel source on the Internet. We are thoroughly familiar with the hotel industry in all regions of the world, as we are with the high expectations and requirements of the discerning guests. The Hotel Specialist is the formidable platform that connects the guests directly with the hotels. Only the highest quality hotels which offer the best in 4 key categories of high-end level, Service, Quality and Value are considered for placement on our website.

Add The Hotel Specialist to your hotel’s existing distribution channel to provide the highest quality and profitable relevant exposure to the luxury segment of Leisure, Business and Groups markets worldwide and their referrals without any effect or interference with your existing distribution partnerships.

IMPORTANT: thehotelspecialist.it enables ‘Direct Access’ to your hotel’s own reservations system. Our website does not contain a booking mechanism by design. Bookings are made directly with hotels on a commission free basis. Hotels maintain full control over entire booking process, Rates, Inventory and Booking / Cancellation Policies. This unique feature connects the guest with the hotels directly and works perfectly alongside your existing distribution channels without any interference. This is one of many ways The Hotel Specialist operates differently from all else since 2013.

We are fully aware that ROI ( Return on Investment ) and effective, economical exposure to the target market are most important to hoteliers and this is where our focus and priority is, every day. Integrity is of paramount importance to us and data on Direct Referrals made to hotels is available to our hotel partners at all times.

No one is like us because The Hotel Specialist is a reference guide to the world’s most distinguished hotels to become a comprenhensive private travel community. The Hotel Specialist is a brand that emphasizes the importance of relationships, social media, constant activity and most importantly success. The Hotel Specialist has one clear objective: develop the thehotelspecialist.it website into the ultimate, one-stop source of reliable travel inspiration for the discerning, experiential traveller. Everybody know that Internet is a most comprehensive, global source of information. Nowadays there’s hardly anything that cannot be found online.

Unfortunately, however, Internet is not always structured in a way that all available information is easy to find and it is also important to specify that some studies revealed that big percentage of consumers who go on high-end holidays use Internet to some capacity in making their travel arrangements. We provide our visitors with insider access, creating high quality descriptions from a professional point of view making customer’s expectation and desire go hand in hand. We are not a simple internet listing like so many others, all descriptions are written by us and our copywriters are 100% independent. It means we write all descriptions without any interference from the hotel or anyone else. We never write bad things about our hotels, we just exclude them from our collection leaving each client with only the best of the best. We do write things that we think every client should know to make sure they make the right choice in hotel-type, location and room-type. After all they cannot return a bad travel experience!

The Hotel Specialist website offers an attractive platform that brings together the finest of escapes, experiences, destination specialists and travel designers from all over the world in order to provide our extensive base of travellers with the right inspiration, as well as with all elements to help guide their decisions. We aim to source and feature only outstanding product and service providers on The Hotel Specialist website. When we believe they meet our exceptionally high standards, we kindly invite them to join us.

We believe that in the market the advertising is essential to reach always more new Guests from all over the world. Surely our value is our inspirational contents wrote by talented copywriters and influencers who have passion towards hospitality, travel, gourmet and wine.