A short trip in Berlin

One of the European capitals suitable for a few days of vacation or even just a weekend is Berlin, one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, transgressive, fun, with lots to see and do. Not even the time to leave the central station and take a stroll through the streets of the center that you can already perceive a vibrant atmosphere of a young and at the same time stimulating city.

What to see in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate, symbol of unification of Germany. Along the avenue that leads to the Gate there are magnificent palaces, not to mention the Opera House, the Cathedral of St. Edvige and always nearby is the Museum Island: here are concentrated some of the largest and most famous museums of the world.


Do not miss Potsdamer Platz, one of the city’s most important squares, as well as the heart of the metropolis, surrounded by numerous modern skyscrapers. Speaking of squares, Alexanderplatz is one of the most famous and well known, as well as being the largest in the city. Stroll, photograph, admire, taste some typical product of German culture, enjoy one of the trendiest cities in the world. In the evening, in some districts, the transgressive side of Berlin emerges a little more. Also to be seen are the street artists who in this city definitely give life to exceptional works, succeeding in making the concept of art and design in a creative way even more. There are also many public parks, too many to be seen all in one trip.

Berliner Dom

Do not miss the Berliner Dom which is the main church of the German capital, the TV Tower, symbol of East Berlin, the Botanical Garden, which is one of the most important worldwide with thousands of species of plants, the Gendarmenmarkt, which is a famous square in the city known for the harmony of its monuments, the House of World Cultures, a place that allows you to meet and dialogue with people from around the world and where there are numerous shows of various gender.

East Side Gallery

It is certainly worth visiting one of the places where history has left its mark, witness and mix between art and history: the East Side Gallery along a stretch of the wall of the former East Berlin which is currently an open-air art gallery with over one hundred paintings wall. Created by artists from around the world stimulated by the succession of extraordinary historical events and the perception of a tangible change at world level, Berlin in 1989 celebrates the fall of the Wall, celebrates freedom and the spirit of reconciliation long-awaited and hoped: this great wall of works of art represents the great desire for freedom.

Berlin Wall Memorial

And last but not least, don’t miss a visit of Berlin Wall Memorial, known as Window of the Memory, where there are many photographs of people who died during the war: I was especially impressed to see that there are people of all ages, people who lost their lives simply for the desire of a better future and a better life. The Memorial of the Berlin Wall saddens a little but it is almost mandatory to see: the wounds never healed of this city are still evident.

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