A quick escape to Melbourne

Every city has its own charm. There are cities rich of history, stones marked by centuries of passages, pains and passions; others in which sacredness marks the time and pace of tourists. Then there are new cities of steel, glass and concrete: in Melbourne you have to get used to the new, and the various cultures of which it is composed. A city where it is difficult to get lost. All the lines lead to the CBD (Central Business District), the city’s nerve center.

During my stay, I met many young people, like me, who stayed only a few days, even hours. A common question: what to visit in such a short time? Here is the idea of an article for a quick escape to Melbourne. I would make a premise, if you do not have much time, I would start looking for accommodation in CBD, where there are plenty of opportunities for all budgets. This done, now that we have accommodation in the center and few time available, what to not miss?

Melbourne Central

Home of the central station, a place of shopping for all tastes. Almost all public transport passes here. Let’s start from here, because it is an easy and quick place to reach. Looks up: a glass bell covers a tower from the late nineteenth century.

State Library of Victoria

Once there, we can walk through thousands of shops, bars and clubs, or cross the street and visit the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne’s main library, a small museum introduces its charm, where you can consult multitudes of books perfectly cataloged and always updated, in a suggestive reading room and with free wi-fi.

Federation Square

St. Paul Cathedral

Once outside, Swanston Street awaits us, one of the busiest streets where you can meet street artists and all kinds of places. At the end of the street, the St. Paul Cathedral, a Gothic building, in full contrast with the modern style that surrounds it, is hard to miss. From the Cathedral you can see Federation Square with its modern architecture, one of the main squares that hosts events and events almost all year round.

Federation Square

Flinder Station

Crossing the road we find ourselves in front of the most important station in the southern hemisphere: Flinder Station, which its Victorian style contributes to its special charm. Before leaving the road, we pass into Flinders lane, with its small characteristic pubs.

Street Art

Hosier Lane

One of the things that most remain in the heart when we move from Melbourne, are the giant images of bright colors that fill the eye, in every corner. Impressed in the walls, more than just “graffitti”, they are architectural elements that complete the artistic framework of a modern city. There are some places in which the density of the paintings is very high, like Hosier Lane or AC/DC Lane, but even without going through here, you can find these works of art almost everywhere.


Royal Botanic Garden

An infinity but, we said, we have not much time: we will limit ourselves to visit the most suggestive one: Royal Botanic Garden. Passing from Federation Square or St. Kilda road, you cross smaller parks, along the Yarra river. And again, Olympic Park Stadium, home of the Melbourne Storm, a Rugby team at 13, along the way. Shrine of Remembrance, monument in honor of the fallen of the First World War. Walking walking, finally comes the Royal Botanic Garden and its 36 hectares of greenery, lakes and tranquility, another dimension. The garden is home to about 50 thousand species of different plants and year-round guides and themed events are organized.


Queen Victoria Market

The Melbourne markets are fascinating. Ok, a lot of goods on sale are standard and we find tons of Made in China products, but the beauty of these markets is the variety of cultures and people that mix together in the same place. One of the most important markets is the Queen Victoria Market. It’s not a market, it’s the market! Italian, Indian, Chinese, Greek food, objects, clothes: every day thousands of people meet in an area of about 2 hectares, a mix of products from each country. Walking here means breathing cosmopolitan air, take at least a couple of hours, it will be worth it. And if you were vintage lovers? No fear! Melbourne has also thought of you: even if this time you have to move away a bit from the CBD, we arrive at Fitzroy, in Brunswick Road, full of theme clubs, many of which are strictly “vintage style”.

Eureka Tower

View from Eureka Skydeck 88

Get $20 and head to the top of the Eureka Skydeck 88 Tower, the tallest building in the southern hemisphere, from where you can enjoy the city skyline. Magnificent view. Once you get off, we are in the Southbank area, you can enjoy a walk along the Yarra River, up to the Crown Casino and try your luck there.

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