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5 reasons why direct hotel bookings is still a good decision

Travelling and lodging today isn’t as difficult and as time-consuming as it was before. Nowadays, you can just turn on your computer or mobile phone, find hotels and booking sites and make room or venue reservations. What an ease that via online, you can easily acquire what you need when you arrive your travel destination. You might just need to fix some few papers upon arrival in the hotel, but after a smooth process, you’re good to go to your room. Transportations are improved. Accommodations are upgraded. Booking is made easier.

The truth is that it isn’t as easy as the word “easy” may seem. There’s still a process which you must follow and observe carefully for you to successfully book an accommodation. Without a doubt, Online Travel Agencies are rampant today, as in there’s a lot of them! And their existence has obviously built a competition between them and hotels themselves. OTAs attract a lot of people to book accommodations through them because according to Travel News Daily, “they offer easy-to-search database of travel providers.”

However, hotels and their websites don’t want to lose the game. Even though due to word-of-mouth and effective strategies, OTAs are able to step up their advertising techniques, hotels surprisingly prove customers and travellers that directly contacting them is still a good decision to make. There are still a lot of people (which might include you!) who prefer directly booking an accommodation through the hotel’s contact information. Why?

You feel secure.

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Because of many online scamming news, no one can blame anyone if trust issues have arisen. Directly contacting and talking to the hotel staff responsible for booking make the people feel secure and firmly convinced that they are in legitimate contact and conversation with a hotel personnel, a real, authorized person. People are more confident that they have access directly to and from the hotel if ever conflicts occur. It makes the transaction legit and the hotel trusted.

You are rest-assured even if it’s overbooked.

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In some booking cases with OTA, customers are referred and redirected to some other accommodations if the hotel they booked runs out of rooms. Because OTA is a third-party, it can’t do as much as the hotel can being the host itself. Hotels find time to solve overbooking problems as soon as possible. They inform the customers after a short while.

You can verify anytime.

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If you booked your reservation through an OTA, and you feel worried about it, directly calling the hotel to verify if your reservation was received by them is the best thing to do. If you notice something strange with your OTA booking, immediately contact the hotel so you may breathe well if there’s nothing to worry about or so you may fix anything if there’s anything alarming.

You’re close to discounts and perks.

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You’ll be peacefully and safely convinced of discounts, fair to low rates and promos if someone directly from the hotel discusses it to you since they clearly know about it, and they surely won’t fool you for the sake of their business and reputation. You’re also close to upgrade offers, discounts and perks, most especially if the hotel sees that you directly reached out to them once or more. Giving such is also their strategy to attract customers to directly book to them and via their contact details.

Your inquiries are immediately answered by the hotel

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Through direct contact to the hotel, you can ask and get a sure answer instantly. Since assuredly, the hotel personnel is trained and knowledgeable about your accommodation concerns, you are left without hesitations and unanswered questions. Problems are easily solved because the hotel can function freely being the server, unlike if there’s a third-party limiting the hotel’s serving and implementing capacity.

Lastly, to conclude

Anything mentioned is not to mean that OTAs are not reliable at all. A lot of them definitely are making good and honest business and travel services out there! It’s just that some people make use of OTA’s convenience and power to deceive travellers; that’s why some people just find it hard to trust some of them unless the name and the performances are well-known.

Truly, it may not seem as it is, but directly booking accommodations has a lot of advantages. People seem afraid to do so because of the thought and “hearsay” passed through  experiences that doing so equals pricy rates and longer processes all the time. Although processes don’t happen quickly and sometimes depending on the circumstances, the good thing about direct hotel booking is the sense of assurance that you’re in the right hands.

The duel between OTAs and hotels is silent but serious. Both of them receive from and give to customers. The thing that hotels most probably don’t like about their competitor is the fact that their profit is cut, maybe even before it reaches them, because OTAs earn a part of it. That’s probably why it is noticeable that hotels are going with the flow of advancements today. Hotels and their sites are moving forward and topping up their quality and offers to gain what’s meant to be fully theirs.

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