3 reasons why to visit immediately the Cappadocia

It has been a beloved place by Europeans; in the golden years it grinded lots of tourists coming from different areas of the old continent that, thanks to the first organized tours, arrived in this corner of land as fascinating as it was unusual. My guide, in fact, asks me where we are Europeans and even more Italians, why do not we go to Turkey? And honestly he’s right considering that in my minibus, apart from me, was full of Argentineans, Malaysians, few French and no more.

Hard to explain. Why do not we go to Turkey anymore? Because, I think, we perceive it as insecure. Is it really? From my recent experience, I was there at the end of September, no it is not definitely. It is not in the immense metropolis of Istanbul and it is not even in the small town of Uchisar, my base for exploring Cappadocia. With this premise, here are my three reasons why you should depart immediately for Cappadocia.

Reason #1 – It’s a unique place

There are many rocky areas shaped by wind, air and water in the world, but the fairy chimneys, with its characteristic mushroom shape, can only be seen here. The originals are in Cappadocia, all the rest are just fakes.

Reason #2 – Man’s adaptation to the nature



Cappadocia is one of the most surreal examples of man’s adaptation to the nature that surrounds him. It can be perceived by exploring the UNESCO heritage site of Göreme, with its Christian churches carved into the rock with frescoes and dry-looking paintings. Do not miss the Underground City of Derinkuyu developed on 11 levels below ground, of which you can visit some floors.

Reason #3 – Balloon Flight

Banal, touristy, seen in all ways, posted by everyone. However, it remains a unique emotion to slowly fly over this unique landscape that magically finds itself at dawn. It costs about 200 Euros, there are several balloons (even hundreds) to choose from, bookable the day before. The ritual of the flight is seasoned by final toast (of cider) and by the genuinely avoidable (but still fun) delivery of diplomas.

Last Tip

I put it side by side, only for shopping lovers of rare and beautiful things. Silver is still very well bought: objects but above all jewelery. Those with a great eye can also find pieces from the early twentieth century, with superfine handmade work, typical of the Turkish goldsmith’s art.

Where to stay

Museum Hotel

Created from the ruins of an ancient village, carved deep into a cliff, the Museum Hotel is a real one-off. It overlooks a breathtaking landscape of pink-colored ridges, rock formations and the volcanic cone of Mount Erciyes. The stone structure dates back to thousands of years ago, previously home to Hittites, Persians and early Roman Christians, who lived in these caves that today offer high quality accommodation. The Museum Hotel was built by hand using the best materials and has been restored to its former glory and original state.

This will never be a banal stay in the hotel, but rather get ready to experience a real and exciting life experience. The Museum Hotel has 30 rooms and suites, which have been revisited, embellished and transformed into the luxurious rooms of nowadays. Guests can also enjoy a museum experience thanks to the series of historical objects and antiquities that are on display in all the caves including relics dating back to the 16th century. Its facilities include an outdoor swimming pool on a terrace, which overlooks the valley, an ecologic garden, a massage terrace, library and a restaurant that serves some of the best cuisine in Cappadocia.

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